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We are concerned when our pets experience discomfort caused by a skin condition or suffer from aching joints. However, have you ever considered that your pet could have badly aligned teeth or other oral conditions that may adversely affect his or her bite? Teeth that are misaligned can cause oral problems. Orthodontics is the treatment that eliminates dental pain and enhances oral performance.

Overbite or conversely an underbite, mal-aligned teeth, impacted teeth and extra teeth are all contributing factors to a “painful bite”. In some cases, it hampers the animal’s ability to fetch and even masticate food.

What is Orthodontic Treatment?

Usually, cats and dogs have teeth that fit perfectly together and don’t cause discomfort. Sometimes, when the teeth or a tooth does not align properly with the other teeth, a condition called “malocclusion” occurs.

Orthodontic treatment is designed to shift the  dental malocclusion to a much more agreeable place, which in effect completely negates the ache or acute malfunction. It is important to note that orthodontics for pets, unlike humans, is performed not to enhance their overall aesthetic but to give them the ability to chew in peace and without pain so that they can enjoy every meal with equal comfort.

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What Can Malocclusion Lead To?

If your pet’s teeth are rotated, overly crowded or slanted at irregular angles, they can cause a range of oral problems. These include:

  • Infection – once an infection starts, if not attended to immediately, it can escalate and become acute.
  • Soft tissue damage – misaligned teeth lead can destroy the surrounding tissue and gums through repeated action from the sharp enamel on the soft tissue. In certain cases, lower teeth have jabbed a hole through the hard palate, which has resulted in food lodging in the nasal cavity.
  • Wear and tear of teeth – through repeated abnormal action the teeth are continuously hitting each other, which leads to enamel erosion. In addition, the weak tooth may also fracture which leaves the nerve exposed to the elements.
  • Pain and discomfort – consequentially, your pet may experience pain in the teeth, gums, cheeks, lips and even in the joint of the jaws.

Ease Your Pet's Pain with Dental Alignment

Orthodontic care is most effective when a qualified veterinarian dentist treats the malocclusion. You can seek help from a dentist to realign your pet’s teeth and ease your pet of his or her pain.

Care from Board Certified Specialists

Dr. Anson Tsugawa, our founder and lead veterinary dentist and his team of specialists here at Dog and Cat Dentist, are not only board certified in their respective fields but are also the only veterinary dentistry specialists in Los Angeles. In addition, they specialize in providing the finest in personalized care, so your pet will not only be treated by the best but will also be treated with compassion.

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