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Veterinary Dental Specialists

We are pleased to accept your dentistry and oral surgery referrals.

Referring Veterinary Information

Please complete a Referral Form (PDF) and fax it to our office at (310) 558-6176, or, you may phone our office at (424) 373-5002 for more information or to speak directly with a doctor. Dog and Cat Dentist also welcomes the online submission of referral case information, including attachment of digital images/radiographs. Cases requiring immediate attention may be admitted 24/7 through the Emergency Service at Advanced Critical Care of Los Angeles.

Prior to your client’s appointment at our hospital, please fax the patient’s recent medical records and laboratory tests (chemistry panel and complete blood count drawn within one month). In addition, please alert us to any existing medical/surgical condition, current medications, etc. that might influence our anesthetic protocol. Please also include any information about the patient’s prior anesthetic response at your hospital.

At the appointment, we will give the client a complete written summary of their visit and will mail or fax you a copy of the complete medical record so that you will know what procedures were performed and can keep the pet’s medical record in your office complete.

We welcome your telephone calls, faxes and e-mails. If you would like to consult with a doctor on a particular case or have questions regarding a patient that is currently undergoing treatment at our hospital, please contact us.

We strive to treat your clients as you would want them treated. Our goal is to work as a veterinary care team-member with you by being an extension of the services you provide your clients.

Referral Form

    Attachments: Please include radiographs, laboratory test results and a summary of the medical record. Radiographs will be returned promptly. Referral information may be faxed or sent with the client. Phone consults are always welcome. (424) 373-5002. Please have the client call to make an appointment. Thank you.

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