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Veterinary Dental Specialists

We are pleased to accept your dentistry and oral surgery referrals.

Referring Veterinary Information

Our clinic works on a referral-only basis, meaning that we see patients who have been referred to us for specialty dentistry and oral surgery care. Dog & Cat Dentist is intended to treat patients with advanced dentistry and oral cavity needs, including (but not limited to) patients with oral cancer, fractured teeth that owners wish to save, stomatitis, mouth trauma, the need for extensive (near-full-mouth or full-mouth) extractions, or significant comorbidities that complicate anesthesia. Unfortunately, due to high demand and to allow us to serve our patients in most urgent need of our care, we reserve the right to turn away pets in need of routine cleanings and routine extractions.

If you are a veterinarian and unsure if you would like to refer your patient to us, please contact us by phone or email. Keep in mind that we offer complimentary review of dental x-rays you have taken, and/or are happy to answer your questions about a case. We typically respond faster to emails, or feel free to leave us a voicemail.

If you are a veterinarian and would like to refer a patient to us, please complete the following form. The referral process is not complete until we have also received the following:

1. Patient medical SOAP notes from the past 3 years
2. All lab work results from the past 6 months (blood work, urinalysis, cytology, biopsy results, etc.)
3. Any specialist records you have received on the patient (i.e., echocardiogram results)
4. Dental x-rays, if ever previously taken

Please upload all files via the Referral Form below or submit via email:

Referral Form

    Oral tumor/mass/growth – has not yet been biopsiedOral tumor/mass/growth – has already been biopsiedFractured toothExtractions – feline chronic gingivostomatitis (stomatitis)Extractions – feline resorptive lesionsExtractions – severe periodontal diseaseOronasal fistula repairUnerupted tooth/dentigerous cystMaxillofacial trauma (symphyseal separation, jaw fracture, luxated tooth, soft tissue wound, etc.)Cleft palateMalocclusionSecond opinion consultationOther

    NoYesI don't know



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