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Our Commitment to the Environment

Through our use of paperless medical records and the electronic transmission of the majority of our communications with referring veterinarians and clients, we have drastically reduced our dependence on paper goods. Our significant environmental efforts carryover into our dental operatories as well, and positively impact the health/safety of our employees and patients through waste reduction, energy conservation, water conservation, and pollution prevention:

  • Digital dental X-Rays
  • ENERGY STAR and lubrication-free dental equipment
  • Energy-efficient light bulbs, LED operatory lighting, and motion sensors
  • Biodegradable disinfectants
  • In-house distillation of water
  • FDA-registered reusable sterilization pouches with steam sterilization
  • Mercury and BPA-free dental materials

Dental unit water line (DUWL) quality at Dog and Cat Dentist, Inc.

Have you ever thought to ask your pet’s veterinary facility how they maintain their dental unit water lines (DUWL)? What is the quality of water used for your pet’s dental cleaning, has it ever been tested for bacterial contamination? Dental units utilize water flow at low pressures and flow rates with frequent periods of stagnation. Dental line tubing is very narrow in diameter, providing a high internal surface-area-to-volume ratio; which is particularly well suited for the development of biofilm. A biofilm is a microscopic community of water bacteria and fungi that adhere to surfaces and form a protective polysaccharide layer.

The risk of disease transmission from contaminated dental unit water is probably minimal for healthy dogs and cats, but logically there is the potential for higher risk when an animal’s immune system is compromised. Multiple studies in the medical literature have confirmed the presence of pathogens in dental unit water; a reduction in patient exposure in only prudent, and follows traditional infection control protocols used throughout veterinary medicine (e.g., face masks, gloves, disposable needles, gowns, eye protection, autoclave sterilization, etc.). With this in mind, at Dog and Cat Dentist, Inc., we have taken a responsible approach to our DUWL care, and employ the only FDA cleared and EPA registered dental water line treatment system on the market in all of our water line systems, and regularly test our lines for both total dissolved solids (TDS) and bacterial contamination. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that dental unit water meet the standard set for drinking water, which is a limit of 500 colony-forming units (CFU) of bacteria per milliliter of water. Rest assured that the water used for all dental work performed at Dog and Cat Dentist, Inc. meets or exceeds this standard.

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