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The doctors and their staff take great pride in maintaining the highest quality of care for your pet before, during and after all procedures.

In-office consultations: Please call (424) 373-5002 (Culver City) or (818) 697-9757 (Woodland Hills) to schedule a consultation. New patient consultations are available in the morning, Tuesday through Friday in Culver City, and on Mondays in Woodland Hills.

Here’s how it works:

1. Scheduling Your Pet’s Procedure
In most cases, your pet’s dental procedure can be performed the same afternoon as the initial consultation. If additional preoperative tests are necessary prior to your pet’s anesthesia a separate visit may be required.

2. Prior to Your Pet’s Appointment
To expedite your visit, please complete the Registration Form (PDF) and bring it with you to the appointment. For most dental procedures, general anesthesia will be necessary; in preparation, please remove your pet’s food bowl the evening prior to surgery (i.e., no food after midnight, water is fine).

3. The Practice of Veterinary Dentistry
During the appointment we will do our best to outline a treatment plan that reflects the scope of treatment necessary for your pet. Unlike us in the dentist’s chair, dogs and cats provide only a limited glimpse of their mouth in the exam room. Moreover, dental x-rays are almost always necessary to evaluate the tooth roots and supporting bone; which in dogs and cats is a procedure that requires anesthesia to ensure that they remain perfectly still. Rest assured that we will discuss any changes to your pet’s treatment plan before proceeding. In turn, we ask that you be available by telephone at the time of your pet’s procedure.

4. Recovery
Most patients receiving routine dental cleanings are ready for discharge from the hospital the same afternoon. Depending on the particular procedure(s) performed, some patients may benefit from an overnight stay in the hospital for postoperative monitoring. Postoperative dentistry patients are hospitalized at ACCESS Specialty Animal Hospitals, a 24/7 facility located within the City of Angels Veterinary Specialty Center. In the days to follow, and depending on the type of procedure performed, we will recommend postoperative follow-up visit(s) for your pet.

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