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Premier Veterinary Dentistry Specialists in Los Angeles

Our training, experience and care set us apart from the rest

Dentistry specialists are very rare, and Dog and Cat Dentist is the only clinic in Los Angeles where they can be found. Just like general practitioner veterinarians, the veterinarians at Dog and Cat Dentist attended four years of college followed by four years of veterinary school. To become a dental specialist, the veterinarian then also completes a one-year internship, heavily based in emergency medicine. Afterward, a three-year residency in dentistry and oral surgery is completed. During the residency, advanced training in dentistry and oral surgery is provided, and these techniques are mastered. Besides completing the residency program, other requirements include performing research, publishing scientific articles, and treating a wide variety of cases. After the residency program is completed, the veterinarian must pass a rigorous two-part examination. If all requirements are met and the veterinarian passes the examinations, then that individual is awarded board certification, designating him or her as an expert in the field of dentistry and maxillofacial surgery.

LA’s Only Veterinary Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Our Clients: are treated like family

Day or night, we are always accessible to our clients

Our mission at Dog and Cat Dentist is to provide the finest quality, specialized veterinary dental, and oral surgical care to our patients. Patient care is our top priority. We provide not only the best cat and dog teeth cleaning Los Angeles has to offer, but the full array of dental requirements. While we address immediate needs, we also consider the more specialized treatments our clients require. Our practice offers highly specialized and professional care, in a warm and caring environment.

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The Dog and Cat Dentist Difference

What sets us apart:

  • We are the only board-certified veterinary dentists in Los Angeles
  • We have experience with treating high-risk anesthesia patients
  • We understand the health of the whole patient and do not just focus on the mouth
  • We provide excellent communication before, during, and after treatment
  • We make custom treatment plans that fit the specific needs of you and your pet
  • We treat your pet as if he or she were a member of our own family

Impeccable Service

From the time we meet you and your pet for the first time until the completion of your pet’s treatment, we are more than happy to explain the importance of the treatment, clarify any doubts you might have, and provide you with an optimum solution that will address your pet’s dental needs.

The Most Common Disease in Dogs and Cats is Dental Disease:

Dogs and cats can potentially suffer from dental problems from the time they are puppies and kittens up through old age. As pet owners, we are not always aware of this fact because our pets usually suffer in silence for long periods before they exhibit any symptoms of oral or dental pain. Possible signs of oral pain may include eating slower than usual, avoiding chewing on food or toys, pawing at the face or mouth, drooling or licking excessively, decreased grooming, or loss of appetite. However, many pets do not show signs of pain, or only do so once their disease is very advanced.

An alarming 85% of dogs and 50% of cats over three years of age suffer from dental problems that require professional care to alleviate. Periodontal disease is the most common disease in dogs and cats. Common dental issues that we treat often include broken (fractured) teeth, tooth-root infections, loose teeth, gum disease, broken jaws, and oral growths or tumors.
Oral health is an essential component to your pet’s overall well-being. As a pet owner, having access to the best dental care is essential. It gives you the ability to gift your precious pet a happier, healthier life he or she so rightly deserves.

The Importance of Regular Pet Dental Checkups:

It is vital that dogs and cats have regular dental checkups along with their routine annual exams. Regular oral exams can help catch the following issues early, before they become a bigger issue:

  • Baby teeth that have not fallen out properly. If baby teeth that haven’t fallen out are not extracted, then dogs and cats are at risk for painful malocclusion (crooked teeth), excessive crowding of teeth, and increased buildup of plaque and calculus (tartar). Baby teeth are weaker and also more prone to breaking, so extracting them is necessary.
  • Broken teeth. Broken (fractured) teeth are painful. Also, they can potentially lead to tooth-root abscesses or infection. Dental infections can develop into painful facial swelling. If a broken tooth is noticed early enough, it might be possible to save the tooth with a root canal versus needing to extract it.
  • Crooked teeth. Malocclusion, or crooked teeth, can be diagnosed in young dogs whose permanent teeth are growing in. If this condition is caught early, there are more treatment options available, such as potentially straightening the teeth with orthodontics (the equivalent of “doggie braces”).
  • Buildup of plaque and calculus (tartar) on the teeth. This is the most common condition we see and treat at Dog and Cat Dentist. If tartar is treated early, we can prevent gum disease and the need to extract teeth. Routine dog teeth cleaning can go a long way in maintaining proper health for your loved one.
  • Palatal defects.  Puppies and kittens may be born with a cleft palate or may develop a cleft due to trauma. If diagnosed early, we can intervene to surgically close the roof of the mouth.
  • Teeth with severe periodontal disease. By extracting these teeth, we can prevent jaw bone destruction, which if severe and untreated, can lead to pathologic jaw fracture.
  • Discolored teeth. If a tooth is found to be discolored, we can save the tooth by performing a root canal before it becomes infected.

Consequences of Poor Dental Health:

Pets that do not undergo regular dental checkups and have their teeth professionally cleaned on a regular basis are more likely to develop a dental issue that could spiral into a more serious condition if left unchecked. It can even lead to the loss of a tooth. We believe in providing the best cat and dog teeth cleaning in Los Angeles, with regular appointments, so it never has to come to that.

If dental disease is ignored, not only will it potentially cause your pet considerable discomfort or pain, but also it can have a ripple effect on the rest of the body. Studies have shown a link between dental disease and health consequences on the heart and kidneys.

Quality Care:

We provide the highest level of patient care which includes a thorough understanding and diagnosis of your pet’s clinical condition and developing a customized and comprehensive treatment plan designed to address the needs of your beloved pet. For us, providing the best dental care is not only a science; it’s an art as well. So, give your pet the best dental treatment so they are able to enjoy a happy, pain-free, and healthy life.

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