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We are Los Angeles’ only Veterinary Dental Clinic. Professional dental care is an essential factor in your pet’s overall health and fitness, so it is important that you give them only the best care. At Dog and Cat Dentist, we provide a range of veterinary dental specialist services. We combine the finest expertise with state-of-the-art technology that enables us to provide an accurate diagnosis so that we can determine your pet’s exact clinical condition and design the best personalized, comprehensive treatment plan for him or her. Providing exceptional care is very important to us because the comfort and safety of our patients is our primary concern.

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Our mission at Dog and Cat Dentist is to provide the finest quality, specialized veterinary dental and oral surgical care to our patients. They are our topmost priority. While we address the clinical condition of our patients, we also take into cognizance the special needs of our clients. Our practice constitutes highly specialized and professional care, but it also has a warm and caring environment as well.

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We don’t just believe in treating the ailment. We believe in accomplishing it by using care with compassion.

Our patient treatment combines the finest care with the best expertise and technology to deliver a personalized solution tailored to meet your pet’s specific condition to enable your pet to enjoy a carefree life.

To us, our patients are our family away from home, so we extend only the best service to them, which includes providing our clients with easy accessibility to us.

A top quality team you can depend on.

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Our founder and head veterinary dentist Dr. Anson Tsugawa leads a team of highly skilled and accomplished veterinary dentists who are board-certified in their respective fields.

Our team holds the distinction of being the only veterinary dental specialists in Los Angeles. So, we bring a unique blend of expertise, skill, experience and most of all, compassion, to the table.

Our focus, in addition to providing the best dental care to our patients, is also to educate our clients on the significance of practicing dental care at home. Our pets are part of our families. They depend on us to give them the best.

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From the time we meet you and your pet for the first time until the completion of your pet’s treatment, we are more than happy to explain the importance of the treatment, clarify any doubts you might have, and provide you with an optimum solution that will address your pet’s dental needs.

The Most Common Disease in Dogs and Cats is Dental Disease:

Dogs and cats suffer from dental problems from the time they are puppies and kittens. As pet owners, we are not always aware of this fact, because our pets usually suffer in silence for long periods before they exhibit any symptoms of pain.

An alarming 85% of dogs and 50% of cats over three years of age suffer from dental problems that need professional care. Adult dogs and cats have 42 and 30 teeth respectively. However, prior to their permanent teeth growing in, their baby teeth do not always fall out, which, in turn, causes problems that require dental care. So, our pets need dental treatment throughout their life to mitigate the risk of oral problems as well as to find an optimum solution if a problem does arise.

Oral health is an essential contributor to your pet’s overall well-being, which can be adversely affected, if untreated.

Veterinary dentists utilize the same technology and anesthesia as dentists who treat us, so these are safe and proven techniques that have stood the test of time. As a pet owner, having access to the best dental care is essential. It gives you the ability to gift your precious pet a happier, pain-free life he or she so rightly deserves.

The Importance of Regular Pet Dental Checkups:

It is vital that dogs and cats go for regular dental checkups. With effective dental treatments, we can keep a wide range of the following dental issues at bay and ensure our pets have healthy teeth and gums:

  • Prevent gum irritation and the build-up of tartar in babies if their milk teeth haven’t fallen out, which targets the root of the problem before it escalates into a more serious condition.
  • Treat root abscesses and conduct root canal therapy if required to free your pet of any pain and allow them the chance to enjoy a happy life.
  • Correct misaligned teeth with oral aids and through surgery if required so that your pet can now eat food in contentment.
  • Provide a solution to treat periodontal diseases that affect four out of every five dogs and three out of every five cats by the time they turn three years old. It is the most common dental disease that affects our loved pets.
  • Repair fractured teeth and replace lost teeth with crowns to give your pet the ability to chew happily once again.
  • Address problems that require tooth extractions.
  • Correct palate defects.
  • Treat facial trauma which includes jaw reconstruction.
  • Provide solutions for teeth that exhibit wear and tear or those that are discolored.
  • Healthy teeth equate to better breath.

Consequences of Poor Dental Health:

Pets that do not undergo regular dental checkups and have their teeth cleaned regularly are most likely to develop a dental issue that could spiral into a more serious condition if left unchecked. It can even lead to the loss of a tooth.

If dental disease is ignored, not only will it potentially cause your pet a lot of discomfort and pain but it can also have a ripple effect and lead to other more serious health concerns including causing an infection in one or more of their primary organs – the heart, kidneys, and liver.

Quality Care:

We provide the highest level of patient care which includes a thorough understanding and diagnosis of your pet’s clinical condition and developing a customized and comprehensive treatment plan designed to address the needs of your beloved pet. For us, providing the best dental care is not only a science; it’s an art as well. So, give your pet the best dental treatment so they are able to enjoy a happy, pain-free, and healthy life.